Tourist office of Pays d'Uzès


'The Patina is the privilege
masterpieces' -Andre Gide-

For over 15 centuries, the prosperous medieval market and cathedral town of Uzès (pronounced “ee-oo-ZESS”) has been intimately linked to local and French history. 

From antiquity to our times, the town of Uzès has been shaped by successive generations of enterprising inhabitants ( les Uzétiens , now some 8500 strong) to create its present-day vitality.

Adorned by the assets of its heritage and thanks to the recent enlargement of its Preservation Sector, this architectural gem earned the coveted title of “City of Art and History” in November 2008.

Succumb to thecharm and authenticity. Take advantage of your stay to savor the nostalgia pervading its narrow and winding medieval streets and unsuspected hidden gardens. Discover the rich history of its ducal château – both stern fortification and stately palace, spanning eight centuries of art and history. Experience the dignified wealth-flaunting stone façades of the Renaissance town built by its prosperous 16th century bourgeoisie. Strolling at your pace, let yourself be captivated by the gentle elegance of its squares, shaded by 60-foot plane trees, by the refreshing burble of centuries-old fountains, by the bustling Wednesday and Saturday markets, by outdoor cafés and whimsical boutiques. If lucky, you might even catch the organist rehearsing a Bach passacaglia on the magnificently restored baroque organ of the cathedral.

Uzès, “the first Duchy of France”, will leave you with the sentiment of having lived a privileged moment –for an hour, a day, a lifetime.



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