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Calendrier des manifestations 

All events in Uzès Uzège an Pont du Gard aera.


Spring 2015.

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Laissez-vous conter Uzès 

Program of exhibitions, conferences and visits of the historic city, Uzès.

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The Villages of Uzège 

Uzège was formerly part of the diocese of Uzès which, in the 18th century, was made up of 193 parishes, corresponding to the north-eastern third of the present-day Gard department.

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Plan - Guide 2015 

All accomodations in Uzès, Uzège and Pays du Pont du Gard.

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Pays d'Uzès ID 

Set in the heart of the Gard department, where the Languedoc-Roussillon meets Provence, Uzès sits perched on top of a hill, catching the eye from afar, its outline punctuated by elegant towers.

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